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The first time I saw Jamie's Instagram feed @anythingjamie, I was captured by not just the aesthetics but also her numerous recipes that gave me inspiration to cook for my fussy toddler. 

Jamie's Instagram feed

Jamie first started her Instagram account in August 2019 to document the meals that she cooked for her cheeky toddler, J. She has since gained a rapid following due to her easy, delicious recipes coupled with beautiful styling shots that make us all drool in envy (and hunger). 

On this special occasion that's close to our hearts, we had an intimate chat with her to discover the moments she'd experienced as a mother, as well as to pay a tribute to her mum, who sadly passed away 4 days after J was born.


Firstly, how did you feel when you first found out you are going to be a mother?

I found out I was pregnant when I was overseas for work. I was pacing up and down in my hotel room alone, not knowing how to react. I was excited yet really scared at the same time.
What was your first ‘Mum’ moment like? How did you feel when you first held your son, J in your arms?

jamie and son
Jamie carrying her son J for the first time

I told my gynae and husband to take him away from my arms as I was exhausted after being in labour for 17 hours. I was really afraid I would drop him. But I remembered he opened one eye to look at me and I thought to myself “so cute”.
What surprised you most about being a mother? What do you love most about it?

I never knew I could love someone else so much, someone I barely met. Though there’s a lot of love and frustrations at the same time, seeing him sleep in my arms gives me a great sense of comfort.

What's the hardest thing about being a mum?

The hardest thing is letting go, knowing that I cannot always be there to help him and he has to learn how to figure things out.

JJamie's son, J

How do you balance between taking care of yourself and motherhood?

The first year with my son was challenging because of his allergies and eczema. Now that things are better, I have finally gone back to my skincare routine. That’s an improvement!
What was the transition like when you went from being someone’s child to someone’s parent? How long did it take you to really get used to the idea?

It was fast. After we got discharged from the hospital, I got into a protective mode and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, haha!

How has your mum influenced you in your cooking and food styling?


Growing up, my mum had always made everything look pretty, be it the house or table setting, everything was presentable. Back then, there was no social media. It was something she took pride in. That has definitely influenced me in some ways. I like to present the food nicely to the person I am serving.

jamie's mother's foodFood baked and styled by Jamie's mum

My mum’s cooking style is very simple. She doesn’t do anything too complex. Her dishes are all very simple and modern but tasty. One of my favourite comfort food from mum is just a sunny side up egg on a buttered bread. She also bakes more than she cooks because she enjoys hosting afternoon tea with her sisters and friends.

What’s one lesson you learnt from your mum that you would pass on to J?

There’s one thing I really love about my mum - she’s always very neutral. No matter what negative stories we share with her, she will always bring us down to earth and stay neutral. She will never add fire to the fuel and always make me think twice about a situation. I hope I can be a great confidant to J in future too.

You’d mentioned before that your mum passed away 4 days after you gave birth to J. What is the one thing you would like to tell her about her grandson?

“Mummy, look at J, everyone says he looks like his father. But if you look carefully, he looks like me right?”
What’s the one thing you would like to do with your mum again?
My mum used up her last bits of energy to visit me in the hospital after I gave birth to J. I was too overwhelmed with emotions that I did not say or do anything. I would love to give her a long and tight hug and hold her small dedicate hands, telling her how much I love her.

jamie and mumJamie hugging her mum on her wedding day

Do you have any advice for new mums/mums-to-be?

I know everything seems scary and exhausting. You don’t have to do everything alone to prove to anyone that you’re a capable mother, you already are. Do seek help from your loved ones / lactation consultant if there’s a need.

What’s the one KURAHOME product you would recommend to mothers out there, and why?


I would definitely recommend the Silicone Bags. They help keep my vegetables and fruits fresh, organize my freezer and fridge space and I'm able to do meal preparations with them. In short, they keep me sane, haha! 


jamie's silicone bags

How Jamie uses her Silicone Bags


This mother’s day, I want…

to spend quality time with my family. As long as we’re together, healthy and safe, I am happy.


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