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Lovely little kit

Perfect for going to the hawker centre or picnics. Really nicely packaged and the quality is fantastic. Will definitely recommend.

Functional, keeps easy

Functional baking mat, cleans easy and keeps neatly. Just roll it away - space saving

Love the quality and colors

I ordered 3 of these, 2 smalls and 1 medium. Beautiful color, yet very functional. I love the small size, perfect for my toddler's snacks and it collapses well and neatly. Seals tightly, clicks well.

Great product, fast delivery

I bought it in XL and I love it! Contains all my hawker food and good size for 2 muffins. I was initially concerned that when I close the cover, the collapsible body may bend but no such issue so it’s perfect for soupy food as well. I recommend getting this size. This will last me for a long time!

Mojo Snack Pouch

Got this as I wanted a more eco-friendly option to bringing bread to office for breakfast. Was a little skeptical to how this washes and dries (I have the other silicon pouch and it has the folds at the bottom which makes it harder to dry and stand by itself) but boy, the opening is big, there is no folds at the bottom so it’s just a flat bottom and best of all, it’s super easy to open and close! Love this!

Strongly recomend to purchase

I am super like this and the quality is super nice.

very convenient to keep in bag after use.

Great quality silicon lids

I’ve purchased cheap silicon lids before and they totally disappointed so I was a little skeptical but after seeing video reviews I decided to give it a shot and I have totally no regrets! They’re thick and hold well, liquids won’t leak as well. Best part of it is that I no longer need to use cling wrap! We all play a part in making our planet greener, no matter how small, and this definitely helps.

Great reusable product

I love how these are so useful for storing so many things especially soup! It’s truly airtight so there’s no leakage and can be kept upright or lying down. It also comes with the measurement which is a thoughtful addition. And of course the best part is that it’s reusable and sustainable which is why I purchased it.

Love it!

Bought the full set. Received it within 4days! Good quality and the color is amazing! Time to get started with my diet plan now hahas!

Lightweight & convenient!!


Mum loves the lunchbox!

Beautiful pieces

Appetiser plates were quite stunning!
It complements the food.
It definitely enhanced my dinner setting.

Tote bags

Nice green colour

Loved it! It is well crafted. Although it is net bag, it is surprisingly well shaped.


I bought the medium ones. I think they are a little too small for M, when compared to the L (displayed at FRESH in JEM). Still, I love them because I can control my portion and pack too much to eat.

Nice, but can be better.

Love the colour. However the little loop handle is not leather as described in the Product Description. Also, this only fits tissues in soft pack, not box. Perhaps another size to fit the box wod be good.


Love the pastel shade. The tray size and cube size are perfect, not too big or too small. And, super easy to release the cubes. Glad I have 2 of them!

They're softer and more wobbly tha i thought.
The smallest is so small and I have containers that cannot find a fit between the smallest size and the next one.
All still too good to use.

Hi Naz, many thanks for your feedback! These silicone stretch lids are made of European grade silicone, ensuring that they are soft and and stretchy enough for use, but wouldn't tear easily. For the smallest lid, you can use for small sized items like half cut lemons, saucers, mason jars etc.

I love the smart boxed packaging and it was packed to the fullest leaving no wastage of packing materials.
I tot the small containers were too small and not necessary to be collapsible.
I have not used any of the containers and anyway they look so pristine I will delay use as yet.

mesh tote bags

love the design and the size of the bags, especially the different lengths of the handles. thoughtfully created.

Love it!

Bought a few lunch boxes. 2nd time purchasing. Very convenient to bring out as it can be collapsed after using. My mum loves it too!

Mojo Snack Pouch
better than iuiga

was sorely disappointed with iuiga’s offering cos it didn’t open fully at the sides and was so difficult to put things in and also take them out

kura’s is much better - opens fully to the side like a regular plastic zip lock bag would fit easy in and out. easy to clean. only thing is, if you bring it out for a picnic and say use it in a stone bench, it picks up particles that adheres (cos of static?). doesn’t wipe away easily but if you have running water nearby it washes cleanly quickly

Convenient and eco friendly

Easy to use and pretty sturdy. Definitely feels like they are made of quality material!

No more clingfilm/plastic ziploc

Hugs perfectly to my half avocado!