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Like that it’s collapsible! However found the air vent was not helpful in releasing the pressure while microwaving, had to remove the lid. Resulted in difficulty in placing back the lid after I microwaved as was unable to close the lid back on and at the same time could not apply too much pressure as the box would collapse.

Hi Ychen,

Thank you so much for your review and we are happy to know that you like our Lejos Silicone Collapsible Lunch Box.

When microwaving, we recommend to remove the lid and please do not microwave with the lid completely closed.

Thank you.


Have to agree with earlier reviews. Looks good, but loop isn’t leather (rubber / silicon), might need to update product info.

Keep things neat and easy to use! Used it to store fish fillets and the size suits perfectly.

Good quality

Thick and good quality. Food doesn't stick to each other in the bag which is a huge plus point. This size is abit small though.

Eco friendly product

Very pleased and pleasant to receive the product. Eco friendly,lightweight & pretty color. There is no particular smell before washing too.👍

Silicone lids

Great quality and so well packaged! Love it.

Highly recommended

Good quality and really convenient to put away after use! Nice color too!

Silicone Stretch Lid

Best Buy ever. No longer have to fumble with cling wraps. It is at the same time, environmentally friendly!

Highly recommended

Good quality and very convenient to use, save slot of space. Will be buying more.

Pretty and helps to cut down aluminium foil use

It's lovely - a word of caution though it does stain a bit - I tried warming up a chocolate danish on it and the chocolate stained it through! It does come off after a couple of washes but you can still see a faint shadow.

Mojo Snack Pouch [Sage]

First up, the color is so pretty! I've been using a Tupperware - bulky, or Ziplocks - non-environmental for awhile so decided to look around for something more sustainable. So glad I found Mojo. Price is a little high, but I believe it goes a long way!

Mojo Snack Pouch
Azura Azman
Great for baby's food stash

Initially bought a set of 3 to keep unfinished tidbits. Then I realised they are freezer safe and I've been using them to keep my baby's frozen puree. They are so easy to use and can keep up to six 30ml baby food cubes or four 60ml baby food cubes. So, I bought another 3. Real handy to transport from home to caregiver's house. Highly recommend for mummies who prepare baby food, since it saves space in the fridge.

Love how I can collapse it and keep it in my bag. That way I can easily reach for it when I'm out and decide to get a snack. The XL size is perfect for a greedy snacker like me.

Very good quality! Recommended!

These always come so well packaged and the quality is excellent!! It's so easy to use and eliminates the need for plastic wrap. There also isn't a bad smell that sometimes silicone items can have.

Wonderful quality

These always come so well packaged and the quality is excellent!! There also isn't a bad smell that sometimes silicone items can have.

Mojo Silicone Bag
Honeylette Runas

Environment friendly, easy to clean, space saver and aesthetically beautiful 🤩

Lovely little kit

Perfect for going to the hawker centre or picnics. Really nicely packaged and the quality is fantastic. Will definitely recommend.

Functional, keeps easy

Functional baking mat, cleans easy and keeps neatly. Just roll it away - space saving

Love the quality and colors

I ordered 3 of these, 2 smalls and 1 medium. Beautiful color, yet very functional. I love the small size, perfect for my toddler's snacks and it collapses well and neatly. Seals tightly, clicks well.

Great product, fast delivery

I bought it in XL and I love it! Contains all my hawker food and good size for 2 muffins. I was initially concerned that when I close the cover, the collapsible body may bend but no such issue so it’s perfect for soupy food as well. I recommend getting this size. This will last me for a long time!

Mojo Snack Pouch

Got this as I wanted a more eco-friendly option to bringing bread to office for breakfast. Was a little skeptical to how this washes and dries (I have the other silicon pouch and it has the folds at the bottom which makes it harder to dry and stand by itself) but boy, the opening is big, there is no folds at the bottom so it’s just a flat bottom and best of all, it’s super easy to open and close! Love this!

Strongly recomend to purchase

I am super like this and the quality is super nice.

very convenient to keep in bag after use.

Great quality silicon lids

I’ve purchased cheap silicon lids before and they totally disappointed so I was a little skeptical but after seeing video reviews I decided to give it a shot and I have totally no regrets! They’re thick and hold well, liquids won’t leak as well. Best part of it is that I no longer need to use cling wrap! We all play a part in making our planet greener, no matter how small, and this definitely helps.

Great reusable product

I love how these are so useful for storing so many things especially soup! It’s truly airtight so there’s no leakage and can be kept upright or lying down. It also comes with the measurement which is a thoughtful addition. And of course the best part is that it’s reusable and sustainable which is why I purchased it.