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A passionate drive to improve. A keen eye for intricate details. A good foresight for upcoming styles. Because we don’t just settle, we are constantly setting trends with conventional products, made better.

BYKURAHOME is a fast-growing multi-label retailer based in Singapore, a global business hub. From household to lifestyle items, we pride ourselves in quality products that are not only sustainable, but more importantly, deliver a better experience than conventional options.

Just like we are what we eat, what we use affects our mood, and what we carry reflects our style. We believe that by offering products that satisfy both form and function, it will help you improve your quality of life by uplifting your mood, saving the earth, saving time, and saving resources.

To improve, we need to have an open heart, mind, and ears. We listen. Our community’s voice is important to us. That is why we actively seek to listen to our users’ feedbacks and requests.

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Useful and versatile
Good quality
Useful product but didn't work so well for me
Hi Jessica, thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear about your encounter. The slider is made to be slightly tighter so as to ensure that Silicone Bag is sealed properly, hence you may find it difficult to slide. This is especially so when you remove the Silicone Bag from the fridge or freezer due to the cold temperature. We recommend that you leave the Silicone Bag to cool in room temperature for a few minutes before opening. We do hope you'll give it a try again.
Love these!
Looks good!
Very useful!
Nice and compact!
Pretty & Functional
Super useful
love it
Very good quality!
Great reusability
Great & easy to use!
Very good quality as usual
Useful storage
Love the colour!
Perfect for kneading!
Great quality
The only lunch boxes I'll use!
Environmentally friendly
Compact & effective
Perfect size!