Affiliate marketing

Welcome to BYKURAHOME Affiliate Programme where you can be an advocate for sustainability, share what you love, and earn from it.

This initiative helps key opinion leaders and content creators monetize their traffic and content simply by sharing what you love. 
How does it work?
As an affiliate, you can promote any of BYKURAHOME's products on your website or social media, and direct your audience to our website through your personalized link.

When a customer uses your coupon code or makes a purchase through your link within 30 days, you get to earn 10% commission on the final amount customer pays after discount. 
How to qualify?
Bloggers, publishers and content creators with a qualifying social media platform or website can participate in this programme. 
How to sign up?
You can sign up to be an affiliate here. You will receive an email from us once we have reviewed and approved your site.