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Most people may think that the reusable Silicone Bags are just for storing food items, but do you know that there are actually many other clever applications for these handy bags?

Here are some other unique ways we love using them for, as well as many other creative uses we learnt from our customers!

  1. Store dry food in your pantry, including pasta, rice, nuts, flour, tea bags.

    (Tip: Storing nuts in freezer helps to prevent them from turning rancid and kills insect eggs which are supposedly present in all raw nuts!)

  2. Store wet food in the fridge or freezer. Be it homemade sauces or leftover curry, the bags are guaranteed to be leakproof.

    (Tip: Always try to opt for a bag that is of similar colour as the food for easy cleaning. For instance, red bag for tomato-based sauce, which is always in abundance in our freezer for quick pasta meals.)

  3. Marinating food in the silicone bag is a very common use in our household. We typically make a few different marinades at one go to save on prep time, and then freeze the marinated meat in serving portions.

    (Tip: Thaw the meat overnight in the fridge using the same silicone bag, and wake up to well-marinated and ready-to-cook meat!)

  4. Sous vide cooking calls for submerging a vacuum-sealed bag in a temperature-controlled water bath, and the silicone bags cannot be more perfect in this situation. Not only are they reusable, it also gives users better peace of mind as some plastic sous vide bags have been found to release undesirable chemicals into food under heat.

    (FYI: The Silicone Bags can withstand heat up to 260°C versus traditional vacuum bags, which are typically only rated up to 90°C.)

  5. Keep vegetables and fruits crisp in the fridge by wrapping them in a paper towel before putting your produce in the silicone bags.

    (Tip: Moisture and air are the worst enemies. Remember to squeezethe air out of the bag before sealing it, like how Jamie @anythingjamie did!)

  6. Cook your vegetables in a microwave oven or a pot of boiling water.

    (Tip: Make sure the silicone bag is unsealed and never leave the slider in the microwave oven.)

  7. Fill the silicone bag with ice cubes and use it like an ice pack to chill drinks, or as a cold compress to cool an injured area.

    (Tip: Here’s a great hack for parties. Mix some rock salt along with ice and water, and it will help keep your drinks cold for an extended period of time! Do you know that ice and salt mixture takes temperature down to -15°C?)

  8. Defrost food using the silicone bag. Once filled with water, the bag can stand on its own and allow the meat to be fully submerged for even defrosting.

  9. Making a warm compress – simply put a damp towel inside the bag, microwave with bag open for 2 minutes, seal it and wrap with another damp towel. This is a quick fix for a stiff neck or back, but do wash your bag before storing food again!

  10. Organizing toys at home, such as finger puppets, cars, trucks, LEGO. This makes it so convenient when you need to grab some toys to keep your kid entertained when you head out. We found it particularly useful during our kid’s teething period as we could wash the bags easily along with the teething toys.

  11. Packing baby essentials in the diaper bag – an extra set of clothes, teething toys, diapers or even soiled clothing.

  12. Storing stationeries for the kiddos’ crayons, colour pencils or pens and tapes at home.

  13. Organize the contents of your handbag by having your makeup or any loose items contained in the silicone bag. You will never need to stand outside your door for 5 minutes digging for keys again.

  14. Doubles up as an eco-friendly gift bag. We usually just dump the wrapping paper, don’t we? Your friend will thank you for this.

Though we should all be staying home right now, keep in mind these other ideas when it’s eventually safe to head out again!

  1. Packing snacks for picnic – sandwiches, chips, fruits and a snack or two for the kids.

  2. Keeping your personal items at the pool or beach. Because nobody loves having their wallets, keys or phones wet or covered in sand.

  3. Packing for travels, from toiletries, cables and wires, to first aid kit. You can use it for just about anything.

  4. Store your dog treats when you bring your dogs out!


We will love to hear any other creative uses of your Silicone Bag. Leave us a comment below or simply tag us on Instagram @bykurahome.


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