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I hate cleaning grease off plastics (eg Tupperware). It's so difficult to remove the oily film and being the OCD that I am (read: I have to rewash the dishes that husband just did because, still dirty), I always need that extra pump of dishwashing liquid.

Thankfully, the Mojo Silicone Bags are way easier to clean in comparison. Here are some personal tips on how to care for your eco-friendly silicone bags!

Wash before first use

As with all new items that will come into contact with food, you need to wash the silicone bag with soap and warm water, then rinse and dry. 

When drying, simply air dry your silicone bags upside down over a dish drying rack, or even your mugs! To avoid unsightly water stains, you can also towel dry it first.

Drying silicone bags

Keep items in Mojo Silicone Bags in Ash to reduce potential stains

Store homemade tomato pasta sauce, chilli sauce, or any food that stains easier? No problem. Opt for the darker Mojo Silicone Bag to reduce obvious stains. 

Pumpkin Puree in silicone bag

Remove odour and stains the natural way 

So, your Mojo Silicone Bag is smelling like its previous pungent-smelling tenant (durian, anyone?) and you want to get rid of that odour. Here are some simple ways to remove lingering smells and unsightly stains from your silicone bags:

  1. Submerge your silicone bag in boiling water. Not only will this method help to remove odour, it also sterilizes your silicone bag!

  2. Introducing to you my cleaning BFF #1 - distilled white vinegar (there are so many uses for this that I shall to leave it to another post). Simply pour a mixture with equal parts white vinegar and hot water into the silicone bag and let it soak for a while. Being a deodorizing boon, vinegar will to absorb the odour from the silicone bag.

    Bonus: White vinegar is a mild disinfectant too!

  3. And here's my cleaning BFF #2 - baking soda. It is a great and natural cleaning agent that helps to remove stains and odours. Create a cleaning paste by mixing 1 part baking soda to 1 part white vinegar and 1 part lemon juice. Mix well and apply paste inside silicone bag, making sure every surface is coated well. Leave overnight, and wash off with soap the next day.

    Tip: Use a bigger bowl when mixing the ingredients as mixture will bubble up! 

Cleaning oily silicone bags

Fact: Hot water cuts grease. So, the next time you're faced with oily silicone bag, just soak it with hot water. Once the grease has melted away, washing will be a breeze again.

Washing silicone bag
These cleaning hacks apply to other BYKURAHOME's silicone products too! If you have more tips to add to the list, leave a comment below!


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