Uncommon Loofah Dish Sponge (Set of 3)

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Replace plastic dish sponges

Uncommon Loofah Dish Sponge is a sustainable alternative to synthetic sponges. Its strong luffa fibers efficiently scrubs away grime and residue without scratching dishes, while the spongy texture helps foam up soap easily.

Upon soaking in water, the luffa sponge will puff up and become softer, working exactly like a typical dish sponge, but without the plastic waste.

This set comes in a set of 3 sponges, and each sponge measures 7 x 11 cm.


  • Zero plastic: 100% natural and unbleached.
  • Durable: Lasts longer than traditional plastic sponges.
  • Eco-friendly: Made of renewable plant sources. Biodegradable and compostable at the end of its life.
  • Multi-purpose: Ideal for washing dishes, as well as sinks and countertops.

Care Instructions

  • First use: Soak luffa sponge in water for 5 minutes to soften and expand it.
  • After each use: Rinse thoroughly and ensure food particles are removed. Shake out excess water/blot on towel and hang to air dry.
  • To disinfect: Mix equal parts vinegar and water together in a bucket, bowl or sink. Soak bristles in the vinegar solution for 5 minutes to an hour, then rinse with hot water. It is recommended to disinfect your brushes weekly. 
  • Replace loofah sponges every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on usage.
  • Note: Traditional plastic sponges should be disinfected on a daily basis and replaced every 1-2 weeks, as they tend to harbor a significant amount of bacteria.

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