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1. Do I need to wash my Oasis Reusable Facial Rounds before using them for the first time?

It is recommended to wash your facial rounds before using them.


2. Can I use my Oasis Reusable Facial Rounds for something  other than its intended purpose?

Yes you can do so, but we would still recommend using the various Oasis Reusable Facial Rounds for their intended purposes as our research has shown that the differentiated materials achieve the best intended result. 


3. How do I wash my Oasis Reusable Facial Rounds?

After using the facial round to remove makeup, you can immediately give it a quick wash with soap and water to remove most of the makeup. Then, wring it dry to reduce the water in the facial round, and leave it in a well-ventilated area until you do your laundry to prevent mould buildup.

Place your soiled pads in our cotton mesh laundry bag and wash them in the washing machine on a gentle wash and air-dry facial rounds. Do not use fabric softener or bleach when washing your facial rounds.


4. Do I have to wash my Oasis Reusable Facial Rounds immediately after each use?

For lightly soiled facial rounds (for example Oasis Reusable Skincare Facial Rounds used for putting on toner or Oasis Reusable Cleansing Facial Rounds to wash your face daily), you may choose to wash it with soap and water immediately after use and air-dry.

For heavily soiled facial rounds, you can give it a quick rinse with soap and water immediately after use, then wash together with your delicates in the washing machine during laundry day.


5. Can I use fabric softener, bleach or stain remover when I wash my Oasis Reusable Facial Rounds?

It is not recommended to use fabric softener, stain remover or bleach to wash your facial rounds as the chemicals will damage the fabric and affect its absorbency.


6. Can I put my Oasis Reusable Facial Rounds in the dryer?

Although you may put the facial rounds in the dryer, it is recommended to air-dry your facial rounds as this will help retain their shape better. Putting facial rounds in the dryer may cause shrinkage and wearing of fabric.


7. How do I dispose my Oasis Reusable Facial Rounds?

Each facial round can be used up to 500 times. At the end of its life, you can recycle your facial rounds at the nearest textile recycling centre.


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