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Dining Table Vase Arrangement
Dining Table Vase Arrangement

Wonderland Botanicals is unlike your typical floral studios. Stemming from their love of the natural world and belief that flowers should be enjoyed in our living spaces every day, they go beyond the usual occasion bouquets to focus on making flowers a part of people’s lifestyles and homes.

"We make flowers for the home accessible for all by offering a wide range of floral styles, sizes and price points to choose from, " says Melissa Wang, Creative & Production Head. "Our floral arrangements are interior-inspired, textural and honours what nature intended – we look at the natural movement, colours and shapes of the flowers and blend these organically with different interior styles and the most common spaces of a home."

Melissa Wang
Melissa Wang, Creative & Production Head

This Christmas, Melissa shares with us more about why more people are opting for their floral subscription, and how you can recharge and transform your space instantly this festive season with flowers. 


Flowers used to be a luxury item meant for special occasions only. How do you think this has changed?

The pandemic has caused us to forge a closer connection to our homes as we place a greater focus on building a multi-purpose home. More home-based jobs call for rooms that prioritize quietness and privacy while dealing with space constraints, and flowers have become increasingly important in cultivating moments of joy in nature-positive havens. 

At its best, flowers can transform the experience of a space and we believe they have their greatest impact in our homes. The rise in demand of our floral subscription products suggests that our customers agree with this.


Who are Wonderland Botanicals’ customers?

Given the versatility and assorted curation of our floral styles, we do see customers of a variety of backgrounds and personality types - from the bold and stylish to the contemporary minimalist, from the home and decor tastemaker to the DIY enthusiast. There are, however, a few things in common among all our customers - they take great pride in their homes, have a keen sense of style and believe in living thoughtfully through the simple joys of life.


Flowers not only brighten up your room, it is said to lift your mood and spirits too. What roles do you think flowers play in the new normal?

There is a reason why floral bouquets are popular gifts for people feeling under the weather – flowers are natural mood boosters. With the new normal, people are spending a lot more time at home, and having that little touch of nature in our living spaces can really make all the difference. 

Flowers can instantly transform a room without taking up much space. In our view, fresh flowers are ideal, because it gives a place some life amongst all the furniture and inanimate objects – it’s like having part of a garden within your home. The different scents, colours, shapes and forms of the different types of flowers, or combinations of these in floral arrangements, can influence the mood of your home in different ways.    

Muted Floral Arrangement

Flowers in muted tones, or cool blues and calming greens can bring about much-needed calmness and serenity when you’re looking to rest and recharge after a busy day, or provide some tabletop respite for tired eyes when you’ve been staring at a screen all day long. For those looking for an energy or creative boost, bolder, jewel-toned flowers can be just that.

It is also a thoughtful way to send some much-needed positivity to a loved one, and a timely reminder to stop and smell the flowers.


Floral arrangement can be a form of therapeutic activity, and it seems to be getting more popular during these unprecedented times. Where’s a good place to get a bundle of pre-matched flowers for easy and fuss-free self-arrangement at home?

DIY enthusiasts or those wanting a little floral therapy can purchase Wonderland Botanicals’ Market Bundle Flowers, an assemble-at-home kit of curated, fresh flowers, in their favoured choice of colourway. The flowers will be conditioned, bundled unarranged and delivered to your doorstep so you can enjoy the process of putting together a vase arrangement for your home.

With our Market Bundle flowers, you can let your creativity flow. For inspiration on how to work with your flowers, take a look at our how-to guide here.


For those who prefer a personal touch and would like to create their own floral arrangement this Christmas, can you give some advice on how to build a well-balanced, festive arrangement?

We believe in honouring what nature intended so our arrangements are largely asymmetrical and looser in form. Excluding shades of green, we use no more than four main colours to build an elegant and harmonious arrangement. Allow the natural movement of each stalk to guide its form and create a well-balanced arrangement by choosing a hero bloom before incorporating a combination of both structured foliage with more organic ones. For example, a large bloom such as the Amaryllis will create a simple and visually impactful arrangement when paired with the coin-shaped, ornament-like leaves of the “dancing” eucalyptus populus, which adds a gentle contrast to the stiffness of the nobilis fir. 

Christmas Table Runner
Christmas Table Runner

The Amaryllis flowers are traditionally popular during Christmas due to their striking blooms that brighten up a winter landscape. With their large, trumpet-like petals that bloom in monochromatic tones of red, or shades of white brushed with deep crimson streaks and edges resembling the hues of a candy cane, the Amaryllis makes for an elegant and show-stopping centrepiece during the festive season -- an ode to the season of rejoicing and the star of our Flower for the Holidays collection this year.

If they’d like to learn more about floral arrangement techniques, can you recommend a place?

Wonderland Botanicals, of course! We have recently moved into a new floral studio, and this means that we now have the opportunity to host floral workshops. This December, we will be hosting a series of Christmas workshops where participants can learn the art of creating a festive vase centrepiece, tablescape or wreath with seasonal foliage and Christmas ornaments.

Although they are all sold out, interested customers can definitely look forward to more in the coming year!

Christmas Tablescape for Home Parties Workshop
Christmas Workshop 

Lastly, can you share with us some tips on how to keep your flowers looking fresh for longer?

Change the water and trim a little of the stems daily to keep flowers blooming for longer. Remove wilted flowers from the vase to prevent water contamination, as this can clog up healthy stems and affect the water intake of your flowers. Fill vases with fresh, room temperature water, and avoid heat, direct sunlight and ripening fruits. And for coloured blooms, avoid spraying water directly on the petals as this may cause the colours to fade. Learn more about flower care here

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