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Fragrances, which used to be a status symbol in the past, is now an affordable item of luxury for many. Be it perfumes, scented candles or home diffusers, many people now use scent to create a particular ambience, calm themselves down after a stressful day, or to tell a story.

This Christmas, we speak to Jason Lee, founder of local artisanal perfume label Scent By SIX, to find out more about their revolutionary new fragrance that has been proven to enhance moods and make one feel happier, and how their scents can make the perfect finishing touch to any festive home.

Jason LeeJason Lee, founder of Scent By SIX

 What sets SIX apart from the other fragrance houses?

SIX is not selling fragrances. We sell stories and experiences that evoke your memories and emotions. No different from a painter or song writer, scent is a tool for us to tell a story. More importantly, we aim to use scents to soothe, to heal and to delight our mental wellness. 

Why do you think more people are choosing niche, artisanal brands like SIX over commercialized fragrances?

People are more well-exposed, well-travelled and “in-the-know” now. They seek resonating brands that tell a compelling story and appeal to their higher level of well-being. Niche brands are also more transparent in areas of sustainability and social responsibility and consumers appreciate that. 

Home fragrances like candles and diffusers used to be a status symbol that adorns coffee tables in homes. How do you think that has changed?

These categories have certainly gone mainstream with the rise of mass market MNC candle companies. However, customers are also asking for the real deal now, like our industrial grade nebulizers made for homes and cars. Customers place trust in us because our specialization lies customizing scents for top hotels and airlines. And now, we offer affordable products suitable for homes and offices. 

Mini NebulizerMini Nebulizer 

Fragrances have been proven to help enhance moods. How do you think SIX’s scents have helped improve mental well-being in these trying times?

We used to perceive that fragrances help to enhance moods. Now, we are here to ascertain this fact.

We now employ patented fragrance intelligence in our ingredients. They have been tested and proven by top universities to be able to influence one’s mood (for eg make you happier, focus better, enhance your sleep quality etc).

We have just launched Hikaru, a scent co-developed with youths from Singapore Association of Mental Health. Boosted with fragrance intelligence to make one feel happier, Hikaru aims to raise awareness about mental health and pay tribute to the caregivers. 


What scent and type of home fragrance would you recommend someone who’s never tried SIX before?

I would strongly recommend the Mini Nebulizer. It is very versatile, easy to charge and effective. Its mini size allows you to place it anywhere and everywhere in the house, and it also fits into most cup holders in cars too! 

Scent wise, definitely 27°F Biei. It is our best seller and it permeates all around our shop in Bugis Junction. Many people got a whiff of the scent when passing by and went straight into the shop to get it! #truestory

27°F Biei27°F Biei 

What does happiness smell like to you?

Actually, there’s a perfect scent in our collection that depicts happiness, and that's Hikaru!

Hikaru is centered upon the exquisite Japanese Yuzu, which smells nothing like any other citrus fruits. It oozes energizing positivity, while subconsciously enveloping you into a cocoon of comfort. To me, this is happiness. It is about being contented, enjoying the moment, and self-love!

How can SIX be part of people’s Christmas celebration this year?

This Christmas will definitely be a “quieter” one, with less parties and gatherings for our health and safety. However, Christmas is more than just celebrations and parties. It’s a great time to reflect on this year’s happenings and never forget to love, show compassion and forgiveness to others. We hope that our home scenting machines like the Mini Nebulizers will help create that warm and festive ambience in the comfort of your home! 

Mini NebulizerMini Nebulizer

As it’s the season of gifting, we’ve also lined up some Christmas promotions and gifting bundles, available online and at our outlets! For those looking for more bespoke gifts, we will also be conducting workshops where you can customize your own scent!

Lastly, can you share some tips on making fragrances last longer?

Instead of using EDT, try applying pure aroma oil / fragrance oil on pulse points. Do not rub the application points aggressively as it may damage and disintegrate the olfactive structures.


Scent By SIX products are available online at scentbysix.com, and in stores at Bugis Junction and soon to be opened 313@Somerset.


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