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If you have yet to get your hands on the new paco Silicone Mat, you really should, because there is more to it than just a baking paper substitute. We'll skip the usual talk about its eco-friendly and longterm cost-saving properties and dive right into how versatile this household item is.

1. Oven Baking

This needs no further explanation - everything that you are whipping up, be it roasted vegetables, cookies, macarons or granola, the paco Silicone Mat can be placed over your baking tray and slide into the oven. It's easy to wash and reusable so you will never have to face the situation where you ran out of baking paper!

paco baking mat

 2. Table Placemat

The chic design of paco Silicone Mat makes it perfect as a placemat and instantly glams up your dining table. Parents with young children will also love this - it helps contain the mess and makes cleaning up easier. Plus, it's foldable so simply roll it up to fit into any bag to bring it on-the-go when dining out at the restaurants.

paco Silicone Mat mauve

 3. Rolling Mat

The paco Silicone Mat comes in super handy as rolling mat, which I personally use it for this purpose very often. From kneading doughs for pizzas and milk buns, to making pastries like quiche and egg tart shells, the 40 x 30cm dimension fits ideally. Beyond the uses for dough rolling, this functional item is also good as a mat to make sushi and gimbap. 

paco rolling mat

 4. Countertop

Available in neutral colour choices of grey and mauve, the paco Silicone Mat is ideal as an anti-slip mat for water jars on your kitchen countertop, or even just to protect your table where you place your keys. 


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