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Chinese New Year is around the corner, and spring cleaning is in full swing to make way for new beginnings. This year, let’s aspire to do more for the environment. We have gathered three simple tips to make your spring cleaning process a tad more sustainable.


In your Pantry

It’s that time of the year- time to declutter. Let’s have a look at our pantry. 

After one round of Marie Kondo-ing your pantry and discarding all the unnecessary things, it’s time to think of storing what’s left.

See those plastic containers? You probably took them home when ordering takeaway from your hawker. Not only do they take up precious space in your pantry (that can be used to store more snacks), but they are also not environmentally friendly- we need not elucidate the harms of single-use plastics on the environment.  

Want to make the switch to a more environmentally friendly alternative that takes up far less space? Our Lejos Silicone Collapsible Lunch Box 2.0 can come in handy. It can collapse to a mere 3cm in thickness, freeing up the space for other important things in your home.  

Lejos Silicone Collapsible Lunch Box

Another tip: stock-take so that you know what to purchase and what not to. At some point, we’re all guilty of picking up something at the store, only to realize once we hit home that the exact same thing is sitting peacefully in our cupboard. By purchasing less, stock-taking helps us reduce the waste we generate. 

To make the stock-taking process easier, we recommend using our Mojo Silicone Bags. Not only do they double up as a sustainable alternative to storage bags, they come in a variety of sizes for you to classify and store different things. The transparency of these bags makes it easier to see from a glance what items you have and what you don’t, so that you only buy what you need at the store.  

Mojo Silicone Bags

Need some tips in organizing your items in our Mojo Silicone Bags? Check out this post for more. 


When Cleaning

You want to make your house spick and span in time for the festivities. You want to rid yourself of all its imperfections and stains. 

But store-bought cleaners are often not only bad for the environment, but also your health. Not only do they come in plastic packaging, their production processes often pollute the environment with toxic chemicals. Moreover, volatile organic compounds in these products can compromise the air quality in your house. 

How should we get around store-bought cleaners then? We suggest using natural cleaners easily available in your kitchen.

  • Lemons: The acidic property of the fruit makes lemons an excellent companion to your spring cleaning. Lemons remove stains in your kitchens and bathrooms, deactivate bacteria on the chopping board, and remove unpleasant smells lingering in your house. 
  • Baking powder: Baking powder is another great tool for absorbing and removing odors in the house. Besides, it is harsher than regular soap, making it more suitable in removing tough stains around the house. The gas it produces is also great for non-toxic pest control, so you don’t have to worry about commercial pesticides hurting your little ones.
  • Vinegar: Just like lemons, vinegar is another household item lauded for its cleaning properties that comes from its acidity. Aside from stain removal, vinegar is great for cleaning glass window panels, mirrors, wooden flooring, and cabinets. It can also be mixed with baking powder to break down grease and grime around the house, making them much easier to clean. 


When Finishing Up

You’re done with cleaning and stock-taking. Have some non-perishable food and old clothes in good condition? Let’s do some good this Chinese New Year, and give them a new lease of life- it’s the season of new beginnings, after all.

As many families like yours and mine rev up our efforts in spring cleaning, donation drives have also been popping up around the island. Do consider contributing to these donation drives by donating your items! You’ll be making a difference to the recipients of your donation and starting the year on a good note.

Another place you can donate your old clothing to is thrift stores. Pre-loved pieces in good condition can be picked up by another person who opts for thrift shopping, so they won’t have to buy new pieces. Now people can get “new” clothes for their Chinese New Year OOTD without putting a strain on the environment!


Do you have any other tips or areas for spring cleaning that you want to share with us? Let us in the comments below.


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