Silicone Stretch Lid (Set of 6)

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Our best-loved Silicone Stretch Lids now come in a new and improved version, made with the highest quality LFGB certified food-grade silicone.

Preserving leftovers is now a breeze with these handy Silicone Stretch Lids. You no longer have to wrestle with plastic wraps that always stick to itself, or resort to using plates as covers. Simply stretch the reusable lid over your bowls and plates, or half-eaten food.


  • Made of LFGB-certified 100% food grade silicone
  • Durable, reusable, eco-friendly
  • Completely airtight and leakproof
  • Stretch-to-fit to ensure no spillage in storage
  • Microwave and dishwasher friendly (can withstand heat up to 230°C)
  • Great for freezing (rated for use all the way down to -40°C)
  • Comes with tabs around the sides to adjust lid in place for a proper seal
  • Can be used for item of any shape (round, square, rectangle etc)
  • Available in 6 different sizes to ensure a snug fit for every kitchen need (bowls, plates, fruits, cans, jars, & cups)
    • 6.5cm
    • 9.5cm
    • 11.5cm
    • 14.5cm
    • 16.5cm
    • 21cm

 Instructions for use

  • To put on the silicone lid, drape half the lid over the bowl at the side nearer to you.
  • Then, stretch the lid across the bowl, inching your way through.
  • You can pull the tabs at the side and gently press down the lid to create a vacuum seal.
  • Finally, adjust the tabs for a good seal!

LFGB certified silicone
Our new Silicone Stretch Lids are made of LFGB approved silicone, which goes through tougher and more comprehensive testing regulations as compared to FDA approved silicone. They are more durable and long-lasting, and also results in less odour.

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