Mojo Silicone Bag

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Replace single-use plastic bags!

By switching to the reusable Mojo Silicone Bag, you are offsetting hundreds of single-use plastic bags every year. And, each Mojo Silicone Bag is so durable, it can be reused for years!

Made of 100% food-grade platinum silicone – the best kind ever, Mojo Silicone Bag is a highly versatile reusable food bag that can be used for storage, freezing and cooking.

Meal Prep Made Easy
Saves time and space when you prep and portion your food in the leak-proof silicone bag. Stash into the fridge or freezer till you’re ready to cook.

Portioning Food

Cook With It
Able to withstand a wide temperature range, Mojo Silicone Bag can go from freezer to microwave. It’s also ideal for sous vide cooking!


Great For Organization
Apart from storing your groceries and leftovers, use your Mojo Silicone Bag to store anything from stationery to toiletries! You can store anything, everything.


Low Maintenance

Cleaning cannot get easier. Simply pop the silicone bag into your dishwasher’s top shelf and air dry or use warm soapy water. It’s ready for use again!


Product Information

Product Info
• Able to withstand wide temperature range from -60°C to 250°C

• Available in 3 sizes for different storage needs:
  - Mini: 500ml bag measures 20(L) x 12(H) cm
  - Standard: 1000ml measures 20(L) x 18(H) cm
  - Large: 1500ml bag measures 24(L) x 21(H) cm

Enjoy savings when you get Mojo Silicone Bag, Set of 3 (worth $51.70). The set consists of:

  • 1 x Mojo Silicone Bag, Mini 
  • 1 x Mojo Silicone Bag, Standard 
  • 1 x Mojo Silicone Bag, Large

Instructions for use
• Keep bag partially open when microwaving or heating.
• Do not use sharp objects on bag.
• Handle bag with caution when contents are hot.
• Slide to open and seal silicone bag. When sealing, ensure arrow on slider is in the same direction as the arrow on the bag. 
Open and close

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