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RE:ERTH x BYKURAHOME Toning Set (worth $100.90) comes with:

  • RE:ERTH Calming Toner
  • BYKURAHOME Oasis Reusable Skincare Facial Round (Set of 10 facial rounds and 1 cotton mesh laundry bag)

    RE:ERTH Calming Toner

    A refreshing lightweight toner that hydrates and brightens. A blend of Japanese White and Spring Turmeric extract and APPS (a highly stabilized form of Vitamin C) instantly soothes, brightens the complexion and hydrates, perfectly preparing the skin for the next skincare step.

    Size: 100ml • 3.5 fl oz.

    Made for: All skin types

    Skin concerns: Pores, dull skin, dryness

    Aroma: Herbaceous, fresh

    Texture: Aqueous

    Beauty awards:
    toner awards


    Oasis Reusable Skincare Facial Round

    These reusable bamboo velour skincare facial rounds are perfect for applying toners and serums to your face, neck and décolletage without creating any waste. It's a sustainable alternative to single use facial cotton pads. Each Oasis facial round is estimated to last 500 to 1,000 times, depending on use.

    These 3-layer reusable bamboo velour pads are velvety soft to the touch and feels like a dream on your face. They are perfect for applying toners and serums to your face, neck and décolletage, and are ideal for sensitive skin and under-eye area.

    How to wash: Put soiled facial rounds in mesh cotton laundry bag and machine wash on gentle cycle. Line-dry.

    Skin types: All skin types, including sensitive skin


    How to use

    1. Use twice daily, morning and night.
    2. Apply 5-6 pumps to Oasis Reusable Skincare Facial Round.
    3. Gently sweep over face and neck.



    About RE:ERTH

    At RE:ERTH, we are committed to delivering effective products that are minimal in routine for the modern lifestyle, gentle yet extremely effective, through meticulously formulating the right balance of nature and science that is most beneficial to your skin health.

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