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RE:ERTH x BYKURAHOME Cleansing Set (worth $100.90) comes with:

  • RE:ERTH Clarifying Cleanser
  • BYKURAHOME Oasis Reusable Cleansing Facial Round (Set of 10 facial rounds and 1 cotton mesh laundry bag)

    RE:ERTH Clarifying Cleanser

    This gentle, 2-in-1 cleanser effectively washes away light makeup, sebum, and debris without stripping the skin of its essential moisture. Powerful in its deep cleansing capabilities, key actives CocoBetaine and AG8 (derived from coconuts) maintain the skin’s natural pH level, promoting a balanced, healthy skin barrier.

    Size: 100ml • 3.5 fl oz.

    Made for: All skin types

    Skin concerns: Pores

    Aroma: Fresh, citrus, herbaceous

    Texture: Clear, low-foaming gel

    Beauty awards:
    cleanser awards


    Oasis Reusable Cleansing Facial Round

    Crafted from bamboo terry, the Oasis Reusable Cleansing Facial Round is slightly textured to ensure effective and thorough cleansing, while providing gentle exfoliation.

    This reusable facial round cleanses more effectively compared to hands, by wicking away dirt and dead skin cells thoroughly and evenly. It also helps to unclog pores without causing irritation to your face. This 3-layer gentle facial pad is suitable for any skin type, yet is powerful enough to polish the skin for a glowing texture.

    How to wash: Put soiled facial rounds in mesh cotton laundry bag and machine wash on gentle cycle. Line-dry.

    Skin types: All skin types, including sensitive skin


    How to use

    1. Begin with wet hands and a dry face.
    2. Apply 5-6 pumps of Clarifying Cleanser onto palms.
    3. Gently lather and apply to face, neck and décolleté.
    4. With a damp Oasis Reusable Cleansing Facial Round, cleanse skin in circular motion.
    5. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.



    About RE:ERTH

    At RE:ERTH, we are committed to delivering effective products that are minimal in routine for the modern lifestyle, gentle yet extremely effective, through meticulously formulating the right balance of nature and science that is most beneficial to your skin health.

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