Sage & Aly Beeswax Wrap (Set of 3)

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Sage & Aly Beeswax Wrap is an eco-friendly, 100% natural and sustainable alternative to cling wrap and plastic containers.It can be used to store food like cheese, bread, fruit, and vegetables, or even wrap bowls and dishes.You can also fold it into a snack pouch or wrap sandwiches for when you are on the go!

This breathable and versatile food wrap is made of all-natural ingredients -100% organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin.The beeswax and jojoba oil have antibacterial properties that help keep food clean and reduce risks of contamination. Due to its breathability, the beeswax wraps allow you to reduce food wastage as it helps to keep your food fresher for longer. It definitely saved many halved avocados and lemons in our kitchen!

Scrunch wrap on first use to activate it, then mould it around item.

Wash with mild soap and cold water when necessary, or simply wipe with damp cloth.

Good for up to 12 months of use with good care (subjected to frequency of use). Simply cut to strips and compost when it's time to say goodbye!


  • Available in 5 colours and in a set of 3 sizes - Small, Medium and Large
    • Small: 20x20cm
    • Medium: 27x27cm
    • Large: 35x35cm

Instructions for use

  • Do not use it to wrap raw meats, seafood and hot items
  • Avoid placing wraps near heat sources or in hot water as the beeswax will melt.


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