BYKURAHOME Blooming Red Packets


Create beautiful memories this Lunar New Year with the exclusive BYKURAHOME Blooming Red Packets - thoughtfully designed and sustainably made.

Featuring a simple and minimalistic design, the red packets are adorned with fresh, blooming flowers in gentle red hues, symbolizing prosperity and new beginnings.

The infusion of elegance and meaningful symbolism, complemented by gold accents, makes these red packets the perfect cherished tokens to share your blessings during the festive season.

  • Each set consist of 8 red packets (4 pieces of both designs)
  • Measures 170 x 90mm  (Fits $50 and $100 notes)
  • Made sustainably with FSC-certified paper


  • Actual colour may differ from photos due to computer/mobile screen differences, lighting and photo edits. 

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