Mojo Snack Pouch

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Replace single-use plastic bags!

By switching to the reusable Mojo Snack Pouch, you are replacing hundreds of single-use plastic bags every year. And, each Mojo Snack Pouch is so durable, it can be reused for years!

The plastic-free Mojo Snack Pouch is a travel-friendly snack pouch that’s reusable, freezable, and durable.

From day to night, weekdays to weekends
Start your day right. Make overnight oats for breakfast in the Mojo Snack Pouch and avoid the crazy morning rush. Mid-day hunger pangs? Refuel with some snacks from the pouch while you're on-the go! It's also the perfect bag organizer for all your essentials.

mojo snack pouch

Revolutionary Press-and-seal Zipper 
Its wide self-standing base allows easy storage, and its press-and-seal zipper allows you to open and close the pouch easily with one hand.

press and seal

Product Information

Product Info
• Able to withstand wide temperature range from -60°C to 250°C
• Exterior measures 19(L) x 3(W) x 15(H)cm (fits regular-sized bread)

Enjoy savings when you get Mojo Snack Pouch, Set of 3 (worth $44.70). Each set consists of 3 x Mojo Snack Pouch in the same colour.

Instructions for use
• Keep bag partially open when microwaving or heating.
• Do not use sharp objects on bag.
• Handle bag with caution when contents are hot.

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